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About BBJProjeK SFP (Chapter I)

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I (Sergio, BBJProjeK COO) made a commitment to provide years of social conformity thinking it would be a good way to improve as a person and to fit in current society. Far from reality, was the other way around, I guess it’s just enough, it's time to be myself. FGT has been discontinued, SFP is now introduced. Now I might be able to focus my investments on supporting newer projects and great new experiences.

The beginnings: social media sucks, it just... sucks

A new concept is designed to reduce online presence, in other words, limit the negative impact that social media and other online platforms can have on mental health. It’s known that there is a strong correlation between social media usage and depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. I guess it's due, in part, to the superficial and materialistic nature of much of the content that is shared online.

Social media often emphasizes the perfect and curated aspects of life, which leads to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. The rise of social media and other online platforms has led to a culture of instant gratification, where users expect immediate results and constant stimulation. This decreases attention spans and increases difficulty concentrating on tasks that require sustained effort. It is now, in my opinion, also affecting relationships and how people just get tired so early of the partners and it's definitely changing the way relationships work nowaydays...

Additionally, the vast amount of content available on the internet can be overwhelming and lead to decision fatigue, making it difficult to prioritize tasks and stay focused. The constant notifications and alerts from social media and other online platforms also are distracting as hell and disrupt concentration.

Moreover, social media platforms and other online platforms employ algorithms that are designed to keep users engaged by providing an endless stream of content tailored to their interests. This lead to addiction-like behavior and difficulty breaking away from the platform.

Well, SFP might be a solution to these issues by helping reduce these effects and limit the access to “cheap dopamine” and distractions, allowing focusing on meaningful tasks and improving their concentration. By selectively disabling accounts on social media and other online platforms, it will avoid the constant distractions that disrupt concentration and focus on real-life experiences and projects. It definitely worth it.

So... what does SilentFootPrint Concept (hereinafter, SFP) mean?

SilentFootPrint concept is active and now available for BBJProjeK staff members and affiliated IT organizations users.

SFP Mode, or SilentFootPrint, is a new concept that would allow users to reduce their online presence and activity, with the ultimate goal of shifting their focus towards real-life relationships and projects. In today's digital age, it's easy to get caught up in the endless stream of information and distractions that the internet has to offer. As a result, many people find themselves spending a significant amount of time on social media and other online platforms, often at the expense of meaningful face-to-face interactions and activities.

SilentFootPrint concept provides a solution to this problem by allowing users to selectively reduce their online footprint, without completely disconnecting from the internet altogether. This feature is especially useful for those who want to take a break from social media or who wish to limit their exposure to digital distractions while still staying connected to the online world.

In this guide, I try to explore the benefits of SilentFootPrint concept, how to use it, and how it can help you improve your overall well-being by prioritizing real-life experiences over superficial online interactions.

When will the SFP offer be available?

SFP has been available in the VLSC since May 1, 2023, and from affiliated IT company members since May 5, 2023.

Is there a deadline for organization members to make use of the SFP?

Organization members can make use of SFP at any time during the year that the offer is available (2023). If an organization waits and use SFP for the first time in the first month or month three, they'll also have to ask for the preceding months. It's because the security updates that are offered under the SFP program are cumulative.

How does this work?

As mentioned before, SFP is a concept that starts from ourselves, and its goals may vary depending on the person. It begins by realizing the negative impacts that social networks have on us. Not only is it necessary to realize this, but the conditions that give rise to it will also need to be changed.

Now it's important to trace online presence and generate or make a kind of report that details the activity across various online platforms. Based on this report, it’s needed to make conclusions

It might end on disabling some accounts on major social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and others in order to take a break from these platforms without completely disconnecting from the internet, allowing maintaining some level of online presence (i.e. WhatsApp, Messenger...) while focusing on other more meaningful activities.