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Tenería I & II Mapping. Contributing on OSM for Pinto


Hey! It's me again...

It's been a fantastic journey mapping our community, and I'm thrilled to share a new project I've dived into – the mapping of "Tenería" in Pinto! 🌍🗺️

As a dedicated member of the global OpenStreetMap community, I believe in the power of collaborative mapping to create a detailed and freely accessible map of our surroundings. Tenería has its own unique charm, and our collective efforts can truly make a difference!

Why Tenería I & II? 🗺️

As many know, I'm a "PAU" lover, I like new construction sites. La Tenería II is a new...

Tenería I & II holds its own treasures – from picturesque spots to some nice buildings. By mapping it on OpenStreetMap, we can craft an accurate and comprehensive representation of this new neighborhood.

Expect to find everything from speed cameras to power transformer locations, and even the humblest details like benches and wastebins. But that's not all – we're elevating the map with nuanced tags. Is the highway lit? Are there sidewalks, parking spaces, or specific speed limits? We're leaving no stone unturned.

Again; Mapping everything mappable

Let's not just stop at the obvious! In this project, we're going to map everything conceivable – from the major roads to the smallest details like benches, waste baskets, and streetlights. These seemingly minor elements collectively enhance the richness of information, especially for API-based applications.

Join the Mapping Adventure!

I extend a warm invitation to all of you, whether you're an experienced mapper or a total beginner, to join me in this exciting endeavor! Here's how you can get started:

To get started:

  1. Create an account on OpenStreetMap (it's free!).
  2. Use the "iD Editor" ( or JOSM to add, edit or complete features like road tags, sidewalks, buildings, parks, and more. The iD editor is user-friendly and comes with helpful tutorials.
  3. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance. You can ask in OSM Madrid Telegram Group

Let's put Pinto, on the map like never before! 🗺️📍

Happy mapping!


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