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Releasing a product update for BBJProjeK SFP Chapter II. Dual Mode and New Tools

Due to some new restrictions and usage applications that the current SFP Chapter II is experiencing, we are now publishing a product update for BBJProjeK SFP Chapter II

This new product update is part of the second chapter and is free for all users.

Working Modes

Users will now be able to choose between a permissive and enforcing mode.

These new working methods for BBJProjeK SFP Chapter II are crucial for usage optimization and adaptability to varying user needs and circumstances.

In the permissive mode, users will retain a level of flexibility in their online interactions, allowing selective engagement with social media and online platforms. This mode acknowledges the importance of maintaining some digital presence while still prioritizing mental well-being. Users can customize their settings to limit exposure to triggering content and manage used platform, establishing a balance between connectivity and detachment.

On the other hand, the enforcing mode offers a more stringent approach, aimed at those seeking a total and deep disconnection from social media. By enabling this mode, users commit to stricter controls over their digital footprint, effectively reducing their online presence to essential communication channels or opting out entirely from those platforms.

This mode provides a heightened level of protection against the pitfalls of excessive social media usage and serves as a powerful tool for reclaiming control over one's attention and focus.

Both modes of operation come with comprehensive support features and regular updates to ensure seamless integration into users' lifestyles. Whether individuals prioritize maintaining a minimal digital footprint or seek complete disengagement from the online sphere, BBJProjeK SFP Chapter II offers a tailored solution to combat the pervasive effects of online overload.

General Improvements

With this new product update, we are also releasing new and improved tools for helping monitor your progress toward your goals. The calendar has been updated it to allow posting notes and information about your endlines. The usage reports now allow three new view modes and the activity logs has been improved too.

Users who also participated in the SFP Chapter I has several improvements in the activity logs and in the recommendations engine for those who opt in the enforcing mode

These changes will be effective from March 27, 2024


How long does this new working method last?

This new selectable feature will be available from March 27th, 2024 and until this second chapter expires (i.e. June 13th, 2024). This new feature will most likely be introduced as standalone in future chapters

Am I able not to choose any working method?

Yes, you can opt out choosing a working method. No changes will be made to your recommendations and personalization and you can still use this chapter as the same way you were doing it.

Can i rechoose a working method?

Yes, you can choose a method as many times as you want. However, remember that this project aims to be a tool for intentional digital engagement and mindfulness. Constantly toggling between modes may dilute the effectiveness of the experience and hinder your ability to fully immerse yourself in the chosen approach.

Does this new feature (SFP Chapter II+) offer any features or tools to help users track their digital usage and monitor progress towards their goals?

Yes, we offer new and improved robust features and tools to assist users in tracking their digital usage and monitoring progress towards their goals. These include activity logs, goal settings, a personalized calendar and usage reports.

Created on: March 25, 2024.
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