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Airplane Mode Concept is Just Wrong

I don’t know how to start an introduction for this, so I might just get to the point.

The concept of airplane mode on mobile phones is just wrong. Starting with the fact that we (at least in my case) don’t go into an airplane every day, so having a shortcut in the very accesible control centre or status bar is just kind of useless.

Another thing is the concept of cellular network or mobile service. With Wi-Fi, we have a toggle that enables or disables this technology / function. Same happens with Bluetooth. So why not with cellular network? My main point with that is, if Wi-Fi and Bluetooth has a toggle, why shouldn’t cellular network have one too? Currently on iOS and Android there is no actual way to disable the cellular network unless either; you turn on airplane mode or remove the SIM.

We actually have a toggle for mobile data, which just enables or disables the internet access, but not actually cellular, or the connection to the GSM/HSPA/LTE towers.

With this I’m not saying that airplane mode must be replaced with a cellular network toggle. But from my point of view, a cellular network toggle is way more logic and it should be easily accessible into the control centre, and maybe just move the airplane mode shortcut (which would disable cellular/wifi/bluetooth) inside the settings, just like a toggle for roaming, or VoLTE, etc. Also, do you get in an airplane mode every day / week? I’d prefer a driving more instead, that silences calls, checks for traffic, and connects Bluetooth to my car…

Created on: June 28, 2024.
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