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New Wave FM

New Wave FM is a radio station that plays "new wave" and latin spanish urban anthems.

The Authority Rock Radio
The Authority Rock Radio


Track List

  1. Buenos Genes by Rels B
  2. Me Olvidé de los 2 by Rels B
  3. Veneno by Delaossa
  4. Pecados by Natos y Waor
  5. Batmóvil by Hens
  6. Tutto Bene by Pole.
  7. Mejor no nos Vemos by Rels B
  8. Pa que no te Duermas by DELLAFUENTE
  9. Dolores by Choclock
  10. Weed Coast by Cráneo
  11. 6AM by Pole.
  12. Haciendo que me Amas by Bad Bunny
  13. Sin Miedo by Rels B
  14. Tú me Dejaste de Querer by C. Tangana
  15. Ebai by Marc Seguí
  16. Tiroteo by Marc Seguí
  17. No sabe Igual by Rels B
  18. Quédate, te Quiero by Rels B
  19. Apaga la Luz Jesse Baez
  20. Lejos by Mabbi
  21. Cuéntame by Pole.
  22. Nuevo Mundo by Fuel Fandango

Online Streaming

Prominent Appearances

New Wave FM can be found playing on most new wave and raggeaton parties through Spain. These parties, shops and amenities are open to public and can be heard from the inside


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