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The Labs X FM

"We don't fit in anywhere. We're better than anyone else. Listen to The Labs X FM"

The Labs X FM is a station composed of alternative, indie and R&B Pop ambiented music, featuring bands as "Cannons". Containing songs from the 2020s. It's hosted by the Chemical Bro

The Labs X FM
The Labs X FM


Track List

  1. Better by Khalid
  2. Forget by COOL HEART
  3. Heartbreak on the Dance Floor by SG Lewis
  4. Talk Talk by Cannons
  5. When She's Dancing by Cannons
  6. Share this Feeling by Tiggy
  7. Dancing in the Moonlight by Cannons
  8. Rico by Wild Front
  9. Tiger Balm by Emmett Kai
  10. Affection by Fiji Blue
  11. Heartbeat Highway by Cannons
  12. Dear California by Tiggy
  13. Hell of a Night by JNR CHOI
  14. Bitter Pill by Christian Kuria
  15. Superbloom by Isaac Winemiller
  16. Spectrum by Andrew Belle
  17. Ontario by Lowsimmer & Novo Amor
  18. Cry by Cigarettes After Sex
  19. Coastline by Hollow Coves
  20. Within You, Within Me by Meltt
  21. Loving You by Cannons
  22. In the Night by Fly by Midnight
  23. So Far so Good by Great Good Fine OK
  24. Strangers by Roosevelt
  25. Wallflower by Tim Atlas
  26. My Palms Are Your Reference to Hold to Your Heart by Yumi Zouma
  27. Sunburn Surrender by Capital Cities
  28. In Camera by Yumi Zouma
  29. Loose Change by Devin Kennedy
  30. Madly by We're OK!
  31. Lonely Nights by LEISURE
  32. No Choice by Fly by Midnight
  33. Lightspeed by Jon Bryant
  34. Bright Lights by Cannons
  35. Gothic Babe Tendencies by Julia Wolf
  36. Falling by The Lagoons

Optional Packages

Think of Optional Packages, or DLCs, like bonus content for your radio. These are additional song packs that come out after the main radio collection. They include unique commentary alongside the music, and usually feature the latest songs from the artists already on the main radio. Latest DLC was released on July 1, 2024.

Online Streaming

Download The Labs X FM in MP3 format (320kbps · 2h 24m 43s)

Prominent Appearances

The Labs X FM can be found playing on many of municipalities, such as Pinto, Valdemoro, Móstoles and Alcorcón. These shops and amenities are open to public and can be heard from the inside



On May 1st, 2024, The Labs X FM and some radio stations received an update with improved audio bitrate, and updated branding and retouched logos. Every main radio and its DLCs were updated too. MP3 artwork shows the build, the latest for The Labs X FM is "Build 3.1 240501", you can find it at bottom right of the artwork.


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Updated on: July 3, 2024.
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