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The Labs X FM Optional Package 4

Package Information

Track List

  1. I Got Doubts by spring gang
  2. Rookie of the Year by Julia Wolf
  3. Original Girl by Emmett Kai
  4. Cruisin by Madi Rindge
  5. Wanna Go Back by babyidontlikeyou
  6. Call Me a Fool by Perlo
  7. Slide by Hazel English
  8. In the Distance by COOL HEAT
  9. Every Colour by Luca Fogale
  10. 23rd Street by Christian Kuria

Online Streaming

We are not offering a playlist for DLCs, however you can download the MP3 file containing the music, commentaries and news. You can download The Labs X FM (DLC 4) in MP3 format (320kbps · 37m 41s)

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Updated on: March 29, 2024.
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