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The Labs X FM Optional Package 8

This is the last DLC for the Chapter I of The Labs X FM radio station. It contains more songs than an usual DLC, 16. The radio station DLC will be available on July 1st, 2024, and will be playable and downloaded in selected locations.

Package Information

Track List

  1. Thick Skin by Bre Kennedy
  2. 16 Candles by Raveena & Ganavya
  3. Summer Nights by Hazel English
  4. Chasing the Night by Alex Flóvent
  5. Closer to my Heart by Roosevelt
  6. Borrow your Time by Fly By Midnight
  7. Love Child by Raveena
  8. Would you Call me Up? by Jon Bryant
  9. Don't Wait for Summer by Alex Flóvent
  10. Combat by Hazel English
  11. Hibernation by Jon Bryant
  12. Meantime by Bre Kennedy
  13. Sometime by Arny Margret
  14. Hungover by Ellen Krauss
  15. Filmore County by Vansire
  16. Last Train by The Midnight

Online Streaming

We are not offering a playlist for DLCs, however you can download the MP3 file containing the music, commentaries and news. You can download The Labs X FM (DLC 8) in MP3 format (320kbps · 1h 8m 8s)

From now on, you can also copy and paste this spotify track list text into any existing or new playlist on your Spotify (desktop-only) application.


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