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The Redpill FM

"Why take the blue pill and live a happy life of lies when you can think about your lonely and shitty life and take the red pill?"

The Redpill FM is a station composed of sad music of different genres such as mainstream pop, indie-rock and folk. Containing songs from the 90s to 2020s. It's hosted and maintained directly by the The Redpill Foundation.

The Redpill FM
The Redpill FM


Track List

  1. Chiamami per Nome by Francesca Michielin & Fedez
  2. Hazel Inside by blackbear
  3. Cool for a Second by Yumi Zouma
  4. Cancellarti per Sempre by Francesco Renga
  5. Non Avere Paura by Tommaso Paradiso
  6. Privilege by The Weeknd
  7. Nobody's Love by Maroon 5
  8. More than a Friend by Robin Schulz
  9. All 4 Nothing by Lauv
  10. Wait by August Alsina
  11. Apologize by Timbaland
  12. Just Believe by G-Eazy
  13. The Wrestler by Bruce Springsteen
  14. Paris by The Chainsmokers
  15. Without Me by Halsey
  16. Thinkin' bout You by Dua Lipa
  17. With or Without you by U2
  18. Another Day by Fiji Blue
  19. Homesick for a Place I Don't Even Know by Edwin Raphael & Sam Valdez
  20. Nothing Man by Bruce Springsteen
  21. Preacher by OneRepublic
  22. 23rd Street by Fly by Christian Kuria
  23. El Temblor by IZAL
  24. The Enemy by Andrew Belle
  25. White Inversion by Post Malone
  26. Copenhague by Vetusta Morla

Optional Packages

Think of Optional Packages, or DLCs, like bonus content for your radio. These are additional song packs that come out after the main radio collection. They include unique commentary alongside the music, and usually feature the latest songs from the artists already on the main radio. Latest DLC was released on June 26, 2024.

Online Streaming

Download The Redpill FM in MP3 format (320kbps · 1h 43m 47s)

Prominent Appearances

Redpill FM can be found playing on msome shop and neigbourhoods. These shops and amenities are open to public and can be heard from the inside


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Updated on: June 26, 2024.
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