[Ticket] Negotiation begins for SFP Chapter III

Sat Apr 20 15:20:12 UTC 2024

Today begins the negotiation and debate on the new chapter of BBJProjeK SFP.

It is already stated that this new version is intended to close this project, and is intended only for users who have participated in the previous chapter. We might close the option for joining if an user hasn't made use of previous SFP Chapters.

If you, as an organization member and user of the current SFP, are interested in joining SFP Chapter III, personally email me (dynelarsen@bbjprojek.org) for reserved places.
Also, a questionnare is open for features request and other feedback for SFP Chapter III. Access it here: https://goto.bbjprojek.org/?=t483d34hK

Have a nice weekend!