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BBJProjeK SFP Chapter II — Extended License for SFP

This article is designed for utilization by staff. Should you seek comprehensive information, it is suggested that you consider closing this note. 9-465-002-4↗

Due to a high demand on the original SFP release, we have been forced to make an extended SFP release for another 7 months as of now.

Everything about getting the extended license is explained below.

Are there differences between the original SFP release?

The SFP Chapter II release has almost the same features and aims the original SFP release, we have launched a new release with a new deadline due to high demand of the original one. This next release will be available for another 202 days from day 0 (June 13th, 2024).

How to get the extended release?

Users using the original SFP release can move to the extended release without any extra infra costs before the original SFP release expires (Novemeber 24th, 2023).

This same day SFP Chapter II starts. Users will need to choose the "Chapter II / Extended" release option on the BBJProjeK SFP Dashboard↗ options, the license will get extended the time that is agreed on it.

When will the SFP Chapter II offer be available?

Users who have never used the original release as well as ones who are trying to get the Chapter II after Chapter I has expired will have to acquire a regular license the same way Chapter I was provided.

However, Chapter II is as well being offered as an extension of the original (Chapter I) for users using the original release and before this one gets expired, without extra requirements (contact↗ for more information).

Is there a deadline for organization members to start using SFP Chapter II?

Organization members can get SFP Chapter II from November 1, 2023, until one month after SFP Chapter II begins (i.e. December 24, 2023).

If an organization waits and uses SFP for the first time in the second month, they'll also have the right to get the preceding month. It's because the security updates that are offered under the SFP program are cumulative.

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Created on: November 1, 2023.
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