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BBJProjeK SFP Chapter III — The Path to a Social Media-Free Life

Here it is, BBJProjeK SFP back again, this time with the third chapte; BBJProjeK SFP Chapter III. This third chapter begins on June 13, 2024, and gets extended for another 202 days, until January 1, 2025.

This third and final chapter of BBJProjeK SFP will serve as ultimate resource to leave behind social networks and completely eliminate the dependence and addiction produced by them. It is intended for all those who made use of the first, second, or both chapters, and will be a last help in developing a fulfilling life without having to resort to social networks or the internet for fulfillment.

It will focus mainly on finding our life's purpose and delving into what we want to be, and realizing what we want to do in the future. At this point in SFP Chapter III, it is also proposed to permanently delete the remaining social media accounts (deleting accounts).

This last chapter may not be the right one for new users, but it will also be available to them. New users who want to take the step of deleting social networks, along with BBJProjeK SFP Chapter X Booklet↗, we will also create and improve BBJProjeK SFP Chapter X (as an application), which is based on a new, more individual and open source project in which any user can start, set their own deadlines, resume it, and finish it whenever they want.


Are there differences between the previous SFP release?

Yes, SFP Chapter III has slightly different features and aims than the previous chapter, as it is released as the "final step" for users to remove online and social dependence. However, this new release will be available for another 202 days from day it starts.

How to get the new release?

Users using previous SFP chapters can easily move to the extended released without any infrastructure cost, just make sure you do the updgrade before SFP Chapter II expires (June 13th, 2024).

This same day SFP Chapter III starts, users will need to choose the "Chapter III / Final" release option on the BBJProjeK SFP Dashboard↗ options, the license will get extended the time that is agreed on it.

When will the final chapter offer be available?

Users who have never used the SFP are strongly recommended not to use this version, as this chapter is released as a final path for previous ones. If you're interested in joining us in this project, you can wait for BBJProjeK SFP Chapter X joinlist.

For users on SFP Chapter II wanting to upgrade to the final path, you will just have to acquire a regular license the same way Chapter II was provided.

Therefore, Chapter III is being offered as an final extension of Chapter I and Chapter II for users using this release, without extra requirements (contact↗ for more information).

Is there a deadline for organization members to start using Chapter III?

Organization members can purchase SFP Chapter III from May 1st, 2024, until two month after SFP Chapter III begins (i.e. June 13th, 2024).

If an organization waits and starts SFP Chapter III in the second month, they'll also have the right to get the preceding month. It's because the security updates that are offered under the SFP program are cumulative.



Created on: May 1, 2024.
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