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ButtBook is the new social networking and company in The Authority. The website is not interactive in some coordinates of the map, as explained later. They are also featured on the BBJ stock exchange website.

"Everyone is just so happy in social media. Well, this is the place to show the miserable side of your live and make everyone feel better about theirs. So come and share the photos of your crappy leftover dinner, your lonely Saturday night, and anything you would NOT post on MyResiOnline"


It was founded by CEO John Mikes, who was one of the most haters of My Resi Online website. According to him, the average ButtBook worker's age is 13.8 years. Also, his cousin claims on his ButtBook page that the platform was built on stolen code.

ButtBook is a largely popular social networking site that was either created, or spiked in popularity, between 2013 and 2017, as there is no evidence of its existence in The Lapiacery era, which are set between 2005 and 2011. It allows its users to post blogs and "stalk" others to receive their posts and updates on their timeline. As of 2016, ButtBook had reached a billion registered users.

Almost every My Resi Online user has an account on ButtBook, except some of them that decided to quit social media forever, a project made by MyResi team to stop the ButtBook migration (similar to the actual BBJProjeK SFP).

Their headquarters, known was the "ButtBook Place", are located in Adolfo Suárez Av. (40.30313, -3.74266), and are made accessible in some special events, such as the MerryFest 2015. It is ased on the FTR building. Suspiciously, there is some whiteboard writing in the offices that reads "IAA backdoor".


As previously stated, there are certain areas where ButtBook is not available over a wireless connection. This is mainly due to the use of illegal high-end frequency jammers sold by the CEO of My Resi Online to certain users to prevent the use of the platform.

A trial was opened to investigate the use of these frequency inhibitors, but the case was closed weeks later.

A few months later, users in the area demonstrated against this "attack on freedom" and installed meeting points with wired connections over Piedras Preciosas St. and Mármol St. so they could use them. It was funded by ButtBook, but days later, these were vandalized and are inaccessible by users. Today, the user can see the vandalized cabins in those areas.


It is a parody of Facebook, while the interface is based on the old Facebook Wall instead of the current Timeline.

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Updated on: April 14, 2024.
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