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My Resi Online

My Resi Online, also referred as MyResi, was a social networking site accesible in Lapiacery and in The Authority from 2005 to 2014. It's also mentioned in some affiliated amenities.

Lapiacery Era (2005-2014)

In a report on Lapiacery newspaper, millions of sex offender have accounts. An old woman stated that the site should be shut down; her profile has a picture of herself takin g asponge bath and "no one wants to be her friend". A younger girl states thar she has ten thousans best friends who are actually stranger who stalk her.

In a later report, over 8 million registered sex offenders own a MyResi in 2008. According to the article, the site is a favorite teen hangout. As a result, many predators have been highlighted on television shows that entrap men who target "hot teen girls."

By 2010, My Resi Online was one of the most visited website of the city, but at the same time, according to a report, it was the worst website for finding roommates and residence friends, as the majority of them only wants "nasty things".

Aside from each person's profiles, there are other stereotypes drawn from MySpace and Facebook such as cyberstalking, people's need for other people to comment on their pictures, attention seeking, and dating website spam disguised as women's comments.

The Authority Era (2014+)

By 2014, My Resi Online has completely fallen out of style in the public's eye. No one uses MyResi anymore, thanks to the introduction of ButtBook, and has become, in their own words, a "ghost residence of the internet" and is being forced to sell its domain name. Not even a one billion dollar investment from the "benevolent" founder of Lapiacery Infrastructure could save the platform.



MyResiMate was a product developed by MyResi team that was available in later 2009. It's an operating system that includes a virtual assistant with artifficial intelligence, design to adapt and envolve. MyResiFriend was very modifiable in many ways, such as gender, voice, personality, etc.

Just three weeks later, around 38% of MyResi users purchased the product and used it at least once. College attendance fell 28% and several restaurants and bars saw their profits hit.

Several newspapers claim that this data is due to the fact that more than half of the residents preferred to spend their free time chatting with said artificial intelligence. Users claim that "their colleagues are pieces of shit and AI is the only one that understands them".

Due to the high impact on society that the product had, the authorities and the government decided to take the product to court, and a few months later, MyResi was forced to remove the product from the market, in addition to deleting all the data collected from all users. Userdata, which were finally sold to third-party companies.

Users Interaction

In the earlier era, MyResi's main page directs to several people's profiles, much like the "Cool New People" feature on MySpace. Each profile is a satire of a stereotypical MySpace and Facebook user around the time of the late 2000s.

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