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Radio Authority Park

"If you hate everyone around you for not getting it and consuming pop culture... you found your unique one of the kind radio station. Radio Authority Park"

Radio Authority Park is a radio station that plays spanish indie music.

The Authority Rock Radio
The Authority Rock Radio


Track List

  1. Incondicional by Love of Lesbian
  2. Parar la Tierra by Viva Suecia
  3. Se me Para el Tiempo by Sienna
  4. Quiero Equivocarme by Second
  5. Club de Fans de John Boy by Love of Lesbian
  6. El Mal by Viva Suecia
  7. Tierra by Siloé
  8. Subeme al Cielo by Siloé
  9. Que Vida tan Dura by Arde Bogotá
  10. Viaje Épico hacia la Nada by Love of Lesbian
  11. Virtud y Castigo by Arde Bogotá
  12. Crisálida by Love of Lesbian
  13. Palabras by Shinova
  14. Hoy Empieza Todo by Viva Suecia
  15. Viento de Oeste by Love of Lesbian
  16. Te Debo una Canción by Shinova
  17. La Parte Difícil by Viva Suecia
  18. Los Irrompibles by Love of Lesbian
  19. Sesenta Memorias Perdidas by Love of Lesbian
  20. Ciudades en el Mar by Shinova
  21. Viento de Cara by Supersubmarina
  22. Copenhague by Vetusta Morla
  23. Invierno Dulce by Second
  24. El Beso by Arde Bogotá
  25. Esa Estrella by Siloé
  26. La Mirada de la Gente que Conspira by Love of Lesbian

Optional Packages

Online Streaming

Download Radio Authority Park in MP3 format (226kbps · 1h 51m 25s)

Prominent Appearances

Radio Authority Park can be found playing on many of municipalities, such as Pinto, Valdemoro, Móstoles and Alcorcón. These shops and amenities are open to public and can be heard from the inside.


Radio Jingles

The problem is, I suppose, friends, that when everyone wants to be alternative, then no one is alternative... and when everyone is original in exactly the same way, then no one is very original. and I've been worrying about this a lot and occasionally playing some freeform jazz while thinking about it. I sold my llama farm a long time ago, it was a metaphorical llama farm of course. Very post-irony.

We don't care about ratings: it's not about sponsorships, we're in it for the music. (Brought to you by the refreshing taste of eCola. Now available in retro 1950s bottles.) Radio Authority Park

Only you are listening to this station. You're special. You'll discover something unique. Share it with your friends, so you can loath them. Radio Authority Park

Music you probably don't deserve to experience. Radio Authority Park

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