Sergio's Personal Cabinet


Sergio's Personal Cabinet is a personal blog / website from Sergio. Here you will find some personal projects and documentation, as well as other non-personal docs, such as The Authority or The Agency projects.

The Website

This website is built from scratch, which means all the HTML and CSS is written by me. You can check the source. That's probably why the designs is not the best. However, I kinda like it and I find it unique. I'm not currently thinking on moving to a static website generator templates or something similar.

In my desire to make a really lightweight but modern html5 website (with pages around 12-60 kB without images), I need to divide stylesheets and scripts so this way I only add the necessary features for each HTML page.

The main stylesheets information can be found on the README file of my GitHub repo.

Cookies and Tracking

This page does not store cookies. If you find one, it’s probably a bug, and I’d appreciate if you’d let me know.

To show some iframes and external info, I use a button to prevent non-consensual tracking as far as possible, these iframes are “hidden” behind the button. Note that I’ve used the non-tracking embed codes, yet they may still track you; this is beyond my control. This also saves a lot of bandwith, since the third-party iframes pull in a lot of JavaScript.

Also, I don’t use any kind of analytics. This page is hosted on GitLab Pages and I use Telegraph to host some images externally.

Updated on: June 28, 2024.
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