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About BBJFdez Nickname

The Beginnings

I didn't like internet at all when I was little. But... It's about February 2016 when I first inmerged into the open world of internet.

One of my first social network that I remember using/enjoying was YouTube. I didn't upload but watched so many videos.

I remember joining Tecnología Amino back at August 31th, 2016, just some minutes after watching Top 5 Apps Android Septiembre 2016 from Topes de Gama (formerly "Andro4All"), from Jaume Lahoz.

I didn't get used to this new social media platform at first, but eventually did start to post and upload blogs. I quickly escalated in there and started to be recognized on the platform. By 2017 it was my favourite social network platform and one.

An Unique Nickname

By the time I joined, back at August 2016, NTN-42B (also stylized ntn42b) was the main leader and the creator of Tecnología Amino.

Him being explained. I just noticed that "Sergio Fernández" was not enough to be recognized, I wanted an unique nickname for me to be recognized.

BBJFdez it's easier than you might be thinking; following his layout. The first three laters (B, B and J)... The following letters (Fdez) are just the spanish abbrevitation for "Fernández". So that makes BBJFdez.

I quickly used this nickname for all my social platforms and online accounts (by that time they might be; Twitter, Instagram, DEV.TO, Medium, and other platforms).

The Organization

By that time, Gabriel Howard and I decided to create a placeholder to develop, host and publish some Android projects (ROMs, kernels and other things we've been doing).

The organization borns in Getafe. Founded in June 2019. With the name no more basic as my nickname then. B, B and J, already explained, and "ProjeK", which means "project" in dutch)... That made "BBJProjeK".

That way BBJProjeK starts releasing projects and expanding the community.

The Deprecation

If it was a nice and unique nickname... Why did it die?

The answer is easy; because it lacked meaning and originality.

Also because the apparition of nice (more basic) alternatives make me rethink of my nickname. It's about January 2020 and after making a small research of my friend's Instagram and other platforms nicknames when I realized I needed a more descriptive nickname (i.e. a more basic one).

My friend's nicknames were as basic as using name+surname plus some repeated vocal or consonant for that unique username. That formula makes dynelaarsen for someone called Dyne Larsen or palomagarrcia for someone called Paloma García.

So yeah, I was as dumb as recreating my "unique" nickname by using my name and surname... that made serrgiofdezz. Nice... now I entered the basic nickname community... But at least I used that nickname for every platform, and not a different one (this makes easier for anyone to find me on any platform, and sometimes this might be a disadvantage).

The Present

It's 2023 and I'm still using this nickname. Well, I think this is just the nickname. It's simple and it's descriptive. So why changing again?

I mostly use this nickname for every social network or platform. But as many know, I'm leaving social presence, so many social networks have been deleted (try finding me on Instagram or Twitter. Or Facebook ;D ... I deleted them all).

The Present, Present

Yet once again my username has changed. It is now @sergiorafez. Read more about this change and other related information about the BBJProjeK organization in this letter: (122/2024 RaBBAU Internal Note).

BBJFdez's original profile picture (2017)

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Created on: May 23, 2023.
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