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LoveDoesntWork Org

The LoveDoesntWork company is a british organization that currently owns AzureSmoke. Their main goal is to make people stop loving.

Their philosophy is that love is only for a privileged few with good genetics and it does nothing good for the world.


Their website is and you can buy several merchandising product for "spreading anti-love" messages.

Several organizations in the area have tried to take this organization to trial for hate crimes, but all of this has not been enough to bring down the organization.


It was founded by the enigmatic entrepreneur, Sir Reginald Stoneheart, who purportedly had a series of unfortunate romantic encounters that led him to embrace a nihilistic view of love. In 20XX, amidst growing disillusionment with traditional notions of romance, Sir Reginald established LoveDoesntWork with the intention of spreading his anti-love message far and wide.

Despite facing backlash from various quarters, including accusations of promoting hate speech, LoveDoesntWork has continued to operate with impunity, leveraging its controversial stance to garner attention and stir up controversy.


Prominent Appearances

LoveDoesntWork makes several appearances throughout Terrafe, often as a source of comic relief or social commentary. You may encounter LoveDoesntWork billboards, storefronts, or even interact with the CEO representing the company.

LoveDoesntWork is the organization behind AzureSmoke cigarettes in-box messages. You can find their advertisments in the cigarettes package or in their local stores.

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Updated on: April 16, 2024.
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